About Camille Bauer


Camille Bauer is an electronic instrumentation company, based in Switzerland. A leading European company specialising in engineering and manufacturing quality electrical instruments for power, angle and process applications, Camille Bauer have set the international standards for electrotechnical processes for more than 75 years.


Camille Bauer’s core focus is to enhance the safety and efficiency of high-tech electrotechnical processes. In production since 1944, the Swiss company provides innovative development, production and marketing of industrial measurement technology. Located in Wohlen, Switzerland, the company can be divided into four technology areas: Measuring and Displaying, Power Quality, Monitoring and Controlling and Software, Systems and Solutions.


From the engineering of world-class energy meters to transducers for heavy current, control systems and signal converters, Camille Bauer is a household name in high-quality industrial instrument production. The company’s extensive experience in the development of such instruments allows for maximum safety both the operating staff and the materials.


A pillar in industrial electrical technology, the Swiss company decided to incorporate an educational based sector to accompany their Swiss manufacturing and production. Of the belief that every successful company and economy can only survive through a high degree of know-how and education, the Camille Bauer Metrawatt Academy was first introduced in 2019. This educational movement by the Swiss company works to provide those who require the expertise in the field of electrical energy to learn, understand and thus make processes more efficient, to protect the environment and to the protect man and machine.


Why Should I Choose Camille Bauer?


Camille Bauer is an electrotechnology company regarded as one of the most reliable and high-quality industrial product manufacturers internationally. As well as engineering, manufacturing and producing some of the most recognised industrial instruments, the electrical company makes their claim as a clear leading expert with their world-class educational system.


The Camille Bauer Metrawatt Academy allows the company to excel as the leading organisation when it comes to power, angle and process applications. If you’re going to work with any company for electrical instrumentation for industrial application, make it a company that knows what they’re doing.


Choosing a reliable, world-class engineering and manufacturing electrical technology provider that you can trust is a key aspect of successfully conducting industrial operations. In the case of electrical measurement and analytical technology, the importance of working with instruments that you can rely on cannot be understated.



What Makes Camille Bauer Unique?


Camille Bauer provides instruments and sensor technology for heavy current, angle and process control measurement applications. Pioneering in the industrial measurement sector for more than 75 years, the company go above and beyond to monitor all invisible quantities of the electrical energy and distribution process, ensuring a stable energy supply and preventing damage to people and materials.


The solutions provided by the company can be divided into four sectors: measuring and displaying, power quality, monitoring and controlling and software, systems and solutions:


Measuring and Displaying: Camille Bauer design and engineer a wide range of high-quality instruments to acquire all variables of the electrical grid. The precise and exact information of different grid variables is an important aspect of grid management and equipment monitoring – the Swiss giants provide exceptional position sensors that reliably acquire mechanical positions, angles and inclinations.


Power Quality: The Swiss company deliver solutions for modern power electronics for early detection of grid complication. Modern power electronics mean that the electrical grid increasingly becomes impaired, contributing to alternating current not showing sinusoidal characteristics. This bears heavily on electrical devices and machines, resulting in higher thermal losses, increased energy consumption, disturbance and even downtime of plants. They provide power quality solutions that recognised these issues early on. 


Monitoring and Controlling: The company offer technology that allows an unprecedented opportunity to not only acquire all variables of the electrical grid precisely but also process them directly via a PLC integrated into the device and controlling processes. These unique additions mean that users are able to process controls directly at the measuring point, saving a separate PLC.


Software, Systems and Solutions: Camille Bauer are known for their modular customer-specific solutions and systems in all aspects of planning, engineering and industrial application. Through a wide range of products, the company are well-known for going above and beyond when it comes to providing comprehensive technology solutions.


All instruments are manufactured in accordance with individual customer specifications or their functionality adapted to meet requirements in order to guarantee maximum results in operation. Customised measuring performance and solutions have long been a standard set by Camille Bauer.


What Camille Bauer Products Does Power Parameters Stock?


Power Parameters are pleased to present an extensive range of Camille Bauer products, available on our site. Offering both quality and precision in power, the range of Camille products available from Power Parameters extends from transducers, transmitters, inclinometers, power quality analysers to panel meters and power monitors.


The extensive range of Camille Bauer products available at Power Parameters permits realisation of the most varied industrial measuring tasks. As each instrument has been carefully tested and engineered to withstand extreme industrial conditions, the end result of the Power Parameters range is a durable and trustworthy product that you can rely on for a wide range of applications.


How Do I Know Which Camille Bauer Product Is Right for the Job?


Not sure which Camille Bauer product is going to be the most suitable for the job? The Power Parameters team is experienced in providing in-house expertise for your industrial application. Our team of expert technicians can help you choose the right angle transmitters, process monitoring and power system monitoring products, to ensure you are getting the most out of your equipment.


If you’d like to talk to one of our electrical engineers about the different products offered by Power Parameters, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today on 1800 623 350. Our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable engineers can provide exceptional advice on battery testing, cable condition assessment, cable fault location, condition assessment, every production, power grid quality, solar PV testing, transformer testing and uninterruptible power supply, depending on your operation requirements.