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62000E Series Programmable DC Power Supply 1U

Chroma 62000E Series of Programmable DC Power Supplies provide single-channel output of 1.7kW, 3.4kW, and 5kW, as well as threechannel of 1.7kW output each configured in an industry-leading high power density 1U chassis. The 28 models offer fixed- and autorange output with current ratings up to 22.5A and voltage ratings up to 1200V.

The 62000E series provides constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) modes so that users may switch the output priority based on testing requirements. Along with its high precision measurement output, its high-speed transient response and low noise satisfies a variety of devices and test applications in both labs and automated test system integration.

These power supplies serve both single and multi-channel test applications, such as D2D power system ATEs, automotive component systems, reliability of aerospace satellite power systems, long-term durability of active and passive components, industrial and medical system integrated power supplies, supply and aging of semiconductor power components, LED and laser diode, production and aging of solar modules, etc.

Compared with traditional power supplies, the Chroma 62000E series saves room by expanding usable rack space, decreases energy consumption, and simplifies testing at a competitive price.

The 62000E series DC power supply has 100 programmable sequence settings. Through List Mode, users can customize the desired output waveforms and set the dwell time between 10ms and 65535s to meet various test requirements. These functions apply to voltage drop testing of DC/DC converters and inverters, life cycle testing of components, aviation testing of aircraft, etc.

The 62000E series DC power supply has 1-phase/3-phase 200~240Vac and 3-phase 380~400Vac input with active PFC and 92% high efficiency. This helps customers to save electricity costs and power capacity distribution when performing high power testing, and adapt to a range of power systems around the world. In addition, the power supply can be controlled by the supported digital USB/LAN(LXI)/CAN FD/GPIB and analog APG interfaces based on integration requirements of the DUT system.

Key Features

  • Voltage rating: Up to 1200V
  • Power rating:1.7kW/3.4kW/5kWCurrent rating: 22.5A max.
  • High power density :1.7kW x 3chin 1U
  • CV/CCpriority
  • Auto sequencing programming
  • High-precision measurement
  • High speed transient response
  • Low output ripple & noise
  • Intuitive and user-friendly touch control Screen
  • Standard USB/LANinterfaces
  • Optional APG/CANFD/GPIB, and master/slave parallel control interfaces
  • AC input : 1-phase/3-phase 200~240Vacor 3-phase 380~400Vac


  • Electric vehicles component testing
  • Semiconductor processing & Burn-in
  • Medical equipment power supply
  • Aerospace and Satellite Testing
  • Test & measurement ATE and Manufacturing
  • Industrial and system integrated power supply
  • Equipment Manufacturer and system integrator
  • Suitable for multi-channel power supply applications such as power supply simulation for aviation, aerospace and satellite systems, and burn-in and processing for components, D2D modules, batteries, accelerator magnets, and evaporation heating sources, etc.

High Power Density 1.7kW x 3CH in 1U

The industry-leading high power density design enables 3 channels of 1.7kW output in a 1U chassis. Each channel is isolated for independent voltage/current control and measurement that saves cabinet space for system integration and simplifies cable configuration. For example, take a system integration manufacturer who requires nine channels of programmable DC power. Other 1U supplies would require 9 single-channel power supplies stacked at a height of 9U, while the 62000E series power supply can do the job with only 3 units at 3U height (using 3-channel models).

 Auto-Range and Fixed-Range Output

The 62000E series has auto-range output and fixed-range output power supply options available for selection based on the customer’s application, specification, and budget. For example, the 62050E-600P is an auto-range model with output specifications of 5kW/600V/22.5A that can be flexibly operated in different combinations (as shown in the figure on the left). It provides a 22.5A large current when outputting 223V low voltage and a small current of 8.4A at 600V high voltage. This means a customer with DUTs that need to be tested by both low voltage/high current and high voltage/low current can choose an auto-range DC power supply. The 62050E-600P can be used in an ATE for test & measurement to replace multiple DC power supplies, saving cost and space.
The 62050E-600 model is an economical fixed-range power supply designed with an output of 5kW/600V/8.4A DC source (as shown on the right). This fixed-range supply can provide power for manufacturing, giving the equipment supplier a cost-effective power source for integration when producing DUTs with fixed specifications.

 Up to 20kW Master/Slave Parallel Operation

Users must consider compact size, light weight, high utilization, flexibility of assembling/disassembling multiple power systems, as well as system failure maintenance time, since each of these factors will affect the R&D and production line. The 62000E series DC power supply has a master/slave control mode to parallel up to 4 devices with a maximum of 20kW. The easy-to-operate parallel operation mode is convenient for R&D labs, verification units, and production lines to use. In this mode, the master will download the setting values to the slave units allowing users to operate it like a standalone unit. The parallel system adopts a digital current sharing design with high stability and anti-noise interference.

* Only available for single-channel output models.
* Requires optional A620042 interface.
* Call for availability.

 Auto Sequence Programming

The 62000E series DC power supply has built-in List and Step modes for users to program the sequence and timing. The software provides 100 steps of dwell time ranging from 10ms to 65535s, voltage and current control, as well as I/O signal output for automated testing. These functions are applicable for voltage drop testing of DC converters and inverters, auto battery charging, life cycle testing of components, aircraft aviation testing, etc.

 User-Friendly Intuitive Control Interface

The 62000E series DC power supply contains a state-of-the-art user control interface. The intuitive touch panel and user-friendly interface aid easy operation, similar to using a smartphone. Through the icons on the touch panel, users can conveniently complete all voltage/current settings and measurements, program sequence control settings, etc.

 Remote Web Control Interface

The 62000E series displays a standard LAN interface compliant with the Ethernet/LXI standards. The remote web control interface provides remote operation functions, allowing users to enter their account and control the power supply via smartphone, tablet, and PC monitoring equipment. This increases convenience for long-term product aging life cycle testing and DC power supply status monitoring of the DUT anytime and anywhere (patent no.: CN111796982A).

* The 62000E series provides Foldback functionality, which allows the equipment to set the output state as continuous or off when the output mode is switched (CV to CC or CC to CV). A delay off time can be set to protect the DUT.

* When the power supply is abnormal, besides a warning message on the control panel, the remote control interface will also give a voice alarm.

* Through SCPI command programming, users can perform program control (e.g. loop/pause/delay) and save/reload the control program to the computer.

* The web software is for monitoring only and offers password-protected control authority for safe remote control.

* The web software enables log in through a QR code for quick connection and control.

 Built-in VNC Server for Remote Control

The 62000E series DC power supply is equipped with a VNC server. Users can readily operate and monitor remote instruments through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets via the VNC client viewer, which also offers password-protected management of user functions and permissions.


When the 62000E Series DC power supply is integrated into an ATE, users can perform sequence control through the GPIB interface. This eliminates the need to visit the laboratory for checking the readings and status on the device panel. The VNC function allows remote reading of the power supply output and operating status easily through the LAN interface.


When the power supply is used for long-term burn-in and aging tests on the DUT, the engineer can quickly connect to the power supply at any time. For example, view the test status of the device in the laboratory remotely from the office and greatly save on inspection time and effort.


When the power supply is placed on a test bench, desk, or rack (depending on the space available), having to manually operate the power supply and on-line adjust or monitor the output would be inconvenient for the engineer. Through the VNC function, a mobile device can act as a remote control keypad which greatly benefits such tasks. To keep safe, the remote control authority is protected with a password.


PW6001 Power Analyser, precision, 8 channels

8 Inputs Channels that Provide World Class Flexibility and Accuracy

The PW8001 sets a new benchmark for complete power analysis solutions with HIOKI being the only manufacturer that offers industry-leading power analyzers and a wide portfolio of high-accuracy current sensors both developed and manufactured by HIOKI. This enables to align their performance and results in more accurate and stable measurements from DC to high frequencies and low power factor measurements thanks to functions like the automatic phase shift correction.

Upcoming industry challenges are anticipated with the ability to measure even large currents at voltages up to 1500 V, 15 MS/s sampling rate and multi-channel measurement target applications using SiC/GaN semiconductors from automobile electrification, smart grids and reactors to renewable energy supply sources.

Key Features

Extensive lineup of accurate current sensors enables applications from HILS development to equipment evaluation


Evaluation of dual-inverter drive system performance

Dual-inverter systems where each inverter drives a motor will increase reliability and efficiency. The PW8001’s ability to measure eight channels of power data across a broad frequency band accurately and with excellent reproducibility is highly effective when evaluating the performance of dual-inverter systems.

Evaluation of solar inverter based power interchange systems

Power interchange systems that can accommodate both storage batteries and EVs will be a method to use energy more effectively. The PW8001’s ability to accurately and simultaneously measure power at multiple points, for example at DC-DC converter, inverter, and storage battery inputs and outputs, is highly effective when evaluating solar inverter performance.


DT4261 MULTIMETER DIGITAL V/A/Hz TRMS CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V Bluetooth Solar

Hioki mid-range DMM, the DT4261, is an exceptional support tool with multifaceted functionality designed to help analyze a variety of issues and boost work efficiency.

CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V

HVDC Measuring probe will be released soon to work with this multimter which can measure 2000VDC from ground [CATIII 2000V]

Easy! Just connect the Z3210 Wireless Adapter to your Hioki compatible instrument, to make it Bluetooth® ready.
Wirelessly connect Hioki-compliant instruments with a simple connection.
Transfer measurements to your smartphone or tablet and quickly create reports with field photos and drawings.

Key Features

  • Helping personnel analyze issues in the field
  • Boost work efficiency with digitalization (Excel® Direct Input Function)
  • Ensuring safety by preventing erroneous test lead insertion (terminal shutters)
  • Stop worrying about losing test lead caps
  • Excellent dust and water resistance (compliant with the IP54 international standard)

Helping personnel analyze issues in the field

Harmonic measurement

When combined with GENNECT Cross (*1), you can perform simple harmonic analysis. Applications include harmonic measurement of power conditioners for solar systems and problem analysis of power supply systems.

See here for details about GENNECT Cross

Problems that can be caused by harmonics

  • Equipment burn-out and destruction due to overheating
  • Malfunctions of power control devices
  • Increased loss along with reduced service life and efficiency for power devices
  • *1:GENNECT Cross is an free app that lets you connect field measuring instruments to smartphones and tablets using Bluetooth® communications. Wireless Adapter Z3210 (sold separately) is required in order to pair the DT4261 with GENNECT Cross.

Wireless communication capability for even greater convenience

Wireless support

When the Wireless Adapter Z3210 is installed, Bluetooth® wireless communication is enabled. It transfers measurements to your smartphone or tablet and allows you to quickly create reports with field photos and drawings.

See details about Wireless Adapter Z3210

Excel® Direct Input Function (*2)

Boost work efficiency in the field by letting you directly transfer measurement data to (i.e., enter measured values directly into) templates created as Excel®.

  • *2:The optional Wireless Adapter Z3210 is required.

Prevents incorrect current measurement

Fuse check function

When switching from the clamp function to the current function, a fuse disconnection check is automatically performed.
This allows the user to know if the fuse is broken before current measurement, which prevents erroneous measurement.

Ensuring safety by preventing erroneous test lead insertion

Terminal shutters

Due to the current terminal’s low impedance, measuring voltage after erroneously inserting a test lead into the current terminal will cause the fuse to blow. The DT4261’s terminal shutters are linked to the instrument’s rotary switch such that they block access to test lead terminals that aren’t being used, making it physically impossible to insert a lead into the wrong terminal.

More recommended features

Stop worrying about losing test lead caps

Test Lead L9300 incorporate integrated caps for greater convenience and safety. The design lets you change the measurement category simply by sliding the test lead’s protective finger guard. You no longer have to worry about losing caps!

Multifaceted functionality and performance for a variety of tasks

  • Ability to withstand being dropped onto concrete from a height of 1 m (drop-proof design)
  • Broad operating temperature range of -25°C to 65°C
  • Automatic detection of DC and AC voltages (AUTO V function)
  • Visual warning of excessive input via red backlight
  • Visual indication of HOLD operation via orange light



The SS7081-50 a 12-channel battery cell voltage generator that delivers power supply, electronic load, and DMM functionality in a single package. The system’s simple architecture makes building an environment for validating BMS (*1) functionality safer, more affordable and more productive than ever before.

Key Features:

  • Build a highly accurate BMS (*1) validation environment easily and safely.
  • Use as voltage generator or simulated battery in place of actual batteries and power supplies to establish an efficient testing environment

87001 16CH Battery Cell Simulator Model

Chroma 87001 Battery Cell Simulator is a high precision, programmable, and bidirectional DC power source with both voltage source and current source functions. In addition, the model can be used as a multi-channel DC power supply or an electronic load as well. A single simulator has 16 channels and each of them can set voltage and current respectively via Chroma software.

The Chroma 87001 Battery Cell Simulator can be used in place of lithium-ion batteries to provide a reliable and safe testing environment. The equipped battery management system (BMS) and its subsystems can test the battery cells used in electric vehicles and energy storage batteries, etc.

The simulator has voltage isolated channels that can simulate a 480-cell battery pack (2000V/4.2V) connected in series. It is used to imitate the power characteristics when charging and discharging the battery cell energy. This high-precision battery cell simulator with flexible voltage source and current load regulation has voltage and current measurement capabilities. Each channel provides 0~5V voltage adjustment capability and 0~5A bidirectional current function, with serial and parallel capabilities between channels. The current can be increased by paralleled channels; moreover, the battery cell short circuit simulation tests can be performed via the battery management system (BMS). The BMS testing can be performed directly even when the cable length is 5m long.

Key Features

  • Operating mode: CC/CP
    – Channel power: 25W
    – Channel voltage: 5V
    – Channel current: 5A (parallelable)
  • Bidirectional power supply design
  • Serial and parallel connection function
  • 480-cell battery pack voltage simulation ability (connected in series)
  • High precision current and voltage measurement
  • 2 current ranges for selection per channel
  • Current sharing design for parallel operation mode
  • Fast voltage setting for rise/fall speed: time (1ms)
  • Switch fast charge and discharge current in current source mode without any interruption
  • Low output noise
  • Independent channel over-voltage, current limit, and over-temperature protection
  • Standard Ethernet control interface
  • CE certification granted

PA103C-B Digital Multimeter

Parameters PA103C-B Digital Multimeter is an Industrial TRMS Multimeter Bluetooth 4.0 Downloading, Light Weight, Compact

  • CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V
  • Key Features
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Downloading, Light Weight, Compact
  • 3-5/6 bit resolution
  • Support multi-devices connection and single-display monitoring
  • Chart and diagram mode for analysing the data tendency
  • Flashlight function lightens the darkness
  • Support NCV non-contact voltage sense
  • TRMS test 600v AC/DC, 20A AC/DC, Hz, Cap, Res.
  • Voice broadcast secures the test
  • Built-in offline record function supports up to 7 days non-stop recording
  • Supports audio test
  • Used on Android, iOS and Windows systems

62000D Series Programmable Bidirectional DC Power Supply

  • Key Features
    Voltage rating : 0~100V/600V/1200V/1800V
    Current rating : 0~540A
    Power rating : 6kW/12kW/18kW
    Two quadrant operation: Power source and regenerative load
    High power density: 18KW in 3U
    Easy master/slave parallel & series operation up to 180kW
    Wide range of voltage & current combinations in constant power
    Auto sequencing programming
    Voltage & current slew rate control
    High speed transient response <1.5ms
    Low output noise and ripple
    CV/CC priority modes
    Intuitive touch screen
    Standard USB/LAN/LXI/APG interfaces, optional CAN/GPIB interfaces
    3 Phase 4 wire universal AC power: 200~480VAC

Bidirectional / Regenerative DC Power
Chroma 62000D programmable bidirectional DC power supplies have both power source and load characteristics, two quadrant operation, and allows feedback of the power from the DUT. They can be used for testing renewable energy power systems including PV/storage hybrid inverters, power conversion system (PCS) on charging/discharging, and as a battery simulator. The 62000D also is a fit for testing power components used in electric vehicles, such as bidirectional on-board chargers (BOBC), bidirectional DC convertors, and DC-AC motor drivers, and power conversion simulation tests of batteries in both directions.

Charge/discharge testing and life cycle testing, including BOBC, DC-DC conversion, and PCS
Motor driver testing
Pre-compliant with LV123 and LV148 standards on EV component testing
Use as a battery simulation source for microgrid applications