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About Ponovo Relay Test Equipment


PONOVO was founded in 2001 and became a public company in 2015; it’s located in the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area in Yizhuang. Working in the area of intelligent power testing and monitoring equipment manufacturing, the company is a professional solution provider for the power world. They are the first protective relay testing equipment manufacturer in China and offer a core focus on developing more and more high-efficiency testing solutions for customers.


PONOVO gained popularity back in 2009 when it launched the smallest and lightest relay test L336i in the world. Soon after that, the organisation saw rapid growth in mainland China, and since then it has expanded internationally, selling its products in over 50 countries worldwide. They are now a leader in the field of electric power tests, monitoring and simulation with products covering smart grid testing (new energy/ micronet, UHV, smart substation and transmission), electrified transportation testing (electric vehicle, railway transportation), industrial electricity testing (aviation, aerospace, petrochemical, metallurgy, coal, shipping boat) and intelligent power testing (charging pile, energy storage equipment and smart meter).


Why Should I Choose PONOVO?


The company is a trusted and reliable brand that has been helping customers for almost 20 years. It has managed this by focusing on five different areas:


Research and Development Capabilities – throughout its long history, PONOVO has been an industry leader in research and development. Research into key technologies around monitoring and detection equipment for power systems has led to the development of some of its core products. Creating relationships and partnerships for cooperative R&D with China Electric Power Research Institute, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, National Grid DC Consulting Center and other research institutes as well as Tsinghua University, North China Electric Power University and other universities has allowed for continued innovation in its product development. The brand is highly experienced in creating products that suit customer needs, and this is evident in the 30 new technologies, test sets and products that have been born in PONOVO.


Production Capability – The company has several production lines that allow for an annual production capacity of 5,000 sets of different intelligent power detection devices and 2,000 sets of large-scale electric devices. The advanced manufacturing technology, high-tech achievements transformation capability and industrial-scale production capacity enable PONOVO to meet market demands but more importantly enable them to maintain their high-quality production levels that give customers the accuracy and reliability they are used to from their products.


PONOTOP Lab Centre – The lab centre is its calibration centre that has been certified by CNAS and is used to calibrate internal products set for the market along with external products as an added service.


Marketing and Service Network – having over 21 branches and a technical service centre that cover all areas of technical support. They even offer a 24hr technical hotline for any customers that require assistance.


Talent – PONOVO have a strong company culture that has attracted a large number of elite employees. Being so big in research and development, the organisation aims to recruit the best talent from industry experts, senior engineers and doctors that will continuously add to the development of PONOVO and its products.



What Makes PONOVO Unique?


Their products are praised by industry experts, putting them at the forefront as the leaders of the power testing and monitoring equipment. The quality of PONVO test sets is so esteemed, they have created a reputation for itself around the world for their reliability and accuracy.


The PONOVO test sets also meet several standards like IEC standard and obtains PCCC, CE, GS and UL certificates. Furthermore, the company passes the examination of Ketop lab of NCQTR (National Center for Quality Supervision & Testing of Relay and Protection Equipment) making it the only manufacturer to pass such a test in China.


As a power solutions company, it has quite a unique brand culture. Some of the main points that PONOVO integrate to provide a healthy brand culture include:

  • Honesty and integrity guide PONOVO’s daily work, implementing this across its business processes, systems and decisions.
  • Strive to grow the philosophy of pragmatism among staff. Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and enabling employees to learn new skills to reach higher goals.
  • Innovation – small or minor changes might not seem important in the big picture, but the accumulative effort of each one creates something vastly more innovative than the original product.
  • Dedication to work and company growth. PONOVO strives to create custom solutions and is dedicated to doing so.
  • Cooperation and collaboration help to create an environment of innovation and pragmatism. Fostering this into the company structure enables growth and development.
  • PONOVO appreciate the qualified efforts of all employees making and developing the products its customers like so much.


What PONOVO Products Does Power Parameters Stock?


Power Parameters are pleased to present an extensive range of PONVO products, available on our site. Offering both quality and reliability in power solutions, the range of products available from Power Parameters extends from protective relay test sets, single-phase testers, CT analysers, HVDC CT test set, High current primary injection set, IEC61850 testing solution and amplifiers.


The extensive range of PONOVO test sets available at Power Parameters gives you the most varied assortment of power testing and measuring equipment. As each device has been carefully tested and engineered to withstand extreme industrial conditions, the end result of the Power Parameters range is a durable and trustworthy product that you can rely on for a wide range of applications.


How Do I Know Which PONOVO Product Is Right for the Job?


Not sure which PONOVO product is going to be the most suitable for the job? The Power Parameters team is experienced in providing in-house expertise for your industrial application. Our team of expert technicians can help you choose the right testing and measurement equipment, for your operations.


If you’d like to talk to one of our electrical engineers about the different products offered by Power Parameters, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today on 1800 623 350. Our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable engineers can provide exceptional advice on battery testing, cable condition assessment, cable fault location, condition assessment, every production, power grid quality, solar PV testing, transformer testing and uninterruptible power supply, depending on your operation requirements.