Battery Cell Voltage Generator SS7081-50 from Hioki

The SS7081-50 a 12-channel battery cell voltage generator that delivers power supply,
electronic load, and DMM functionality in a single package. The system’s simple architecture makes building an environment for validating BMS functionality safer, more affordable and more productive than ever before.

Compact Regenerative Grid Simulator from Chroma

Chroma 61800 3U high series of regenerative grid simulators include three models with power ratings of 9kVA, 12kVA, and 15kVA and include single phase and 3-phase operation. With output voltage ranges up to 350VLN and 606VLL, each model can achieve 700VLN by a single phase 3-wire setup. Users are able to increase output power by configuring up to three units in parallel.

Hioki Launches Memory HiLogger LR8450/LR8450-01

The LR8450 is a portable logger capable of measuring multiple channels of strain1 and voltage data. The LR8450 (standard model) and LR8450-01 (wireless LAN model) both boast a maximum sampling speed of 1 ms (1/1000 s), the fastest of any Hioki logger. Customers can choose from a selection of measurement units, including the Voltage/Temp Unit and the Strain Unit, according to their application. A single LR8450-01 can host up to 11 plug-in and wireless units to measure as many as 330 channels

Hioki CM4001 Leakage Current Meter with Remarkable Ease of Use

Use the CM4001 to easily clamp within crowded cables in order to reduce work time and improve safety. With guaranteed accuracy from 0.60 mA to 600.0 A, the CM4001 provides a one-stop solution for a variety of applications. A built-in comparator function also helps you find issues much faster.

Delta InfraSuite Precision Cooling

Incredible range of solutions for data centres cooling, accounting for load variations during peak and off-peak periods, high power density and uneven heat distribution. The savings on energy are significant

AURTRA HealthSense

Software to optimise transformer life and manage transformer fleets to strategically replace aged transformers. The active alerts and monitoring  covers water in oil, temperature, vibration, acoustic and RF noise.

BAUR statex® software for statistical analysis of cable life time

The statex® analysis software is used for the detailed determination of the ageing condition, the speed of ageing and the statistical remaining life time of a cable route based on the dissipation factor diagnostics with VLF truesinus® voltage (Very Low Frequency). 

Metraline Portable Appliance Tester with smartphone connection

Very compact and light weight, the ease of use is incredible. You can use your smartphone as a label bar code scanner and use any Bluetooth label printers paired to your smartphone.

Clear-text operation with schematic diagrams and green/red LED display for go/no-go with large high-contrast display.

HIOKI Electrode Resistance Measurement System RM2610