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Uni T, or Uni-Trend are one of the most internationally recognised test and measurement solutions provider in the world. Based in Hong Kong, the privately-owned company is one of Asia’s biggest multimeter and electrical testing brands. The company gained the ISO 9001 Quality Verification Certificate from LRQA in 1998, and have obtained certifications including European CE, American UL, and Chinese CMC. With an international reach, the company delivers innovative, reliable, safe, high quality and user-friendly testing and measurement products.


Uni T’s range of products is relied upon in a large scope of industries. The company has established collaborations with partners in more than 80 countries for product distribution and services. With innovative products regularly being developed and meeting industry standards, Uni T is able to fully satisfy product demands all over the world.


Uni-Trend is the leading testing meter and instrument providers in Asia. The company is dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality and reliable testing and management products, for safe and hazard-free working operations. Uni-Trend provides high-quality digital Uni T multimeters, infrared thermometers, socket, voltage, circuit testers and more. You can find a full range of Uni T products here at Power Parameters.


Why Should I Choose Uni T?


As a company, Uni-Trend is one of the most widely recognised and popular testing and measurement companies across Asia. The sheer notoriety and reputation of Uni T is a clear indicator that the company knows what they are doing – and they provide exceptional products and resources.


If you’re going to rely on an electrical testing product for safe operations, make it a product that you can trust. Certified worldwide, Uni T’s reputation extends to their commitment to safety and reliability. A prestige brand of testing meter industry in China, the production and manufacturing giants, are dedicated to ensuring exceptional quality is maintained throughout their entire range.


Uni-Trend is one of the most recognised and world-class industrial measurement manufacturing company internationally. Their high-quality standard of production and engineering has granted a worldwide reputation for being the best when it comes to electrical measurement and testing instruments. Supporting safe applications in maintenance, servicing, testing and research, Uni T multimeters are your go-to design and device for standardised electrical testing and measurement.


What Makes Uni T Multimeters Unique?


Uni-Trend are known primarily for their Uni T multimeter range. There are more than a dozen kinds of multimeters available, with often several models in any given series. In the case of Uni T multimeters Australia, we’ve got you covered.


Uni T also produce a wide range of other equipment to complement their handheld devices and multimeter range. In addition to bench meters, amp clamps, non-contact voltage detectors, socket testers and circuit breaker finders, the company also produce electrical power tools, DC power supplies, spectrum analysers and environmental testers.


Uni-Trend has always been developing products that meet the industry standards, and creating unique and innovative solutions for high-growth fields. Currently developing multimeters, test meters and other measurement instruments in the Songshan Lake National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, the company continues to deliver innovative, advanced technologies to meet the growing demands of the electrical engineering industries.


Rather than working on mass manufacturing plants and relying on poor engineering, the Uni T emphasis has always been developing high quality, innovative and safe product lines. The company has always prioritised pioneering design, continuous research, improvement and development that has provided Uni T with its fantastic reputation for being the best in Asia, and one of the testing leaders globally.


What Uni T Products Does Power Parameters Stock?


Power Parameters are pleased to present an extensive range of Uni-Trend products, available on our site. Offering both quality and precision in electrical testing and measurement, the range of Uni T products available from Power Parameters extends from Uni T multimeters, earth testers, voltage testers and clamp testers.


Uni-Trend are best known for their engineering and manufacturing of multimeters. Uni T Multimeters are the instrument of choice when it comes to measuring voltage, current or resistance. Power Parameters are pleased to stock an exclusive range of Uni T multimeters to cater to a wide range of applications. From digital multimeters to benchtop multimeters and everything in between, you can find the best deals on Uni T multimeters and measuring equipment at Power Parameters.


Facing the ever-changing digital world that we live in, Uni-Trend can only maintain their goal of continuing to produce the highest quality standard products through continuous research and development. With a primary focus on innovation and safety, the company will continue to ensure all new products meet the customer’s needs and satisfy safety standards around the world. In the case of Australia, Uni-Trend and Uni T multimeters exceed all standards.


The broad collection of Uni T products available at Power Parameters permits realisation of the most varied industrial testing and measuring tasks. As each instrument has been carefully tested and engineered to withstand industrial conditions, the final result of the Power Parameters range is a durable and dependable Uni T multimeter or product that you can rely on for a large range of applications.


How Do I Know Which Uni-Trend Product Is Right for the Job?


Not sure which Uni-Trend product is going to be the most suitable for the job? The Power Parameters team is experienced in providing in-house expertise for your industrial testing application. Our team of expert technicians can help you choose the multimeters, RCD testers, infrared testers, voltage testers, clamp testers, infrared thermometers, earth testers and resistance meters.


If you’d like to talk to one of our electrical engineers about the different products offered by Power Parameters, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today on 1800 623 350. Our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable engineers can provide exceptional advice on battery testing, cable condition assessment, cable fault location, condition assessment, every production, power grid quality, solar PV testing, transformer testing and uninterruptible power supply, depending on your operation requirements. On top of providing professional and friendly advice, we also offer on-site and in-house repairs, maintenance, testing, certification and servicing of all Uni T and Uni-Trend Group products.