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How Does an Earth Leakage Tester Work?

Earth leakage testers measure the imbalance between the line and neutral conductors, which indicates the total earth leakage of the system. But exactly how does an earth leakage tester work?

We know that earth leakage testing is an excellent solution to persistent electrical current problems in residences, such as power trips. We also know that earth leakage testing can prevent dangerous short-circuits or other workplace hazards from occurring in commercial applications. However, most of us are not aware of how does an earth leakage tester work and the equipment required to conduct an analysis.

At Power Parameters, our ultimate goal is to keep Australians safe by providing electrical instrument servicing, including insulation tester repairs. We aim to service all Australians by reducing danger and providing convenient solutions to issues in the home and workplace, such as power trips. Before we can understand and answer the question of how does an earth leakage tester work, we must first examine earth leakage testing and what is earth resistance tester equipment.

What Is Earth Leakage?

Before we get stuck into this article and explaining how does an earth leakage tester work, let’s first understand what earth leakage means. Earth leakage is also commonly known as ground leakage, and it refers to a current that has leaked into the ground. Earth leakage is usually the result of damaged insulation or equipment. However, it’s important to note that earth leakage is an entirely normal functioning aspect of an appliance in some instances. When earth leakage is a problem unintentionally caused, it should be addressed immediately because it can send strong electrical currents through the ground or to an individual. Ground leakage can cause impractical issues such as power trips or more severe problems like short-circuiting and even electrocution.

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Given the severe nature of earth leaks and the potential repercussions, Power Parameters strongly recommend engaging with industry professionals. Whether you think the earth leak is intentional or not, it’s crucial to control the situation regardless. Power Parameters are the leading suppliers of electrical instrument services and calibration across Australia and are here to explain how does an earth leakage tester work.

What Is Earth Resistance Tester Equipment?

So, what is earth resistance tester equipment? Earth resistance tester equipment allows industry professionals to safely and quickly test the imbalance between neutral and line conductors. Power Parameters have some of the most advanced ground testing technology that has optimal accuracy. Calibration using earth resistance tester equipment ultimately enables specialists to identify and fix current leakage or faulty insulation issues.

Adopting specialist equipment such as an earth leakage clamp meter provides an accurate reading of the earth leakage of entire electrical systems. It also ensures the safest way to measure and identify any issues that may arise. Now that we have learned some more about earth resistance tester equipment let’s get practical. The next section of the article will examine how does an earth leakage tester work.

How Does an Earth Leakage Tester Work?

Now that we have a better understanding of what earth resistance testing is let’s get to the bottom of the question you’re all here to have answered. How does an earth leakage tester work? Earth leaks are tested in two different ways. The first way of testing an earth leakage is to adopt an isolated power system (IPS). An IPS is typically combined with insulation monitoring devices that differentiate the imbalance between neutral and line conductors. The IPS method is a less frequently used method of conducting earth leakage testing.

The second and more common earth leakage testing method is combining an automatic disconnection of the supply (ADS). The ADS is based on residual current devices (RCD) or residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection (RCBOs). The RCD and RCBOs monitor and compare the current that flows in between the neutral and in line conductors. The reading from the device will indicate whether there is a currency flow problem and may cause the device itself to trip.

Now that we have explained how an earth leakage tester works, the next section of this article will outline how to check earthing with tester equipment.

How To Check Earthing With Earth Tester

As the nation-wide experts in insulation resistance tester calibration, Power Parameters are experts in understanding how to check earthing with tester equipment. Earth leakage clamp meters measure the imbalance of neutral conductors and line conductors, calculating any system’s earth leakage. An earth tester is a handheld device that clamps around a conductor and provides a current reading. Earth testers can test even the slightest currents so that testers can see where the individual fault is. Professionals will adopt an earth tester to detect where the problem in the circuit lies and fix the issue.

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Once the issue is pinpointed, the specialist will investigate whether it is an intentional or unintentional problem. Intentional problems arise when there are specific appliances or devices that emit low voltage currents that are simply absorbed harmlessly by the ground. If the fault is unintentional, it should be fixed immediately to prevent any future problems. Fixing the earth leakage is likely to require professional assistance, as it may require technical electrician work like load spreading or circuit splitting.

Power Parameters for Earth Leakage Testing

To recap, in this article, we have explained earth leakages, earth resistance testing equipment, how does an earth leakage tester work and how to check earthing with earth tester equipment. All readers of this article should now have a thorough understanding of earth leakages and how they are fixed through the assistance of professionals.

If you suspect that you have an earth leak that could be problematic, we recommend speaking to professionals like Power Parameters. These unidentified yet suspicious issues are always worth investigating as soon as they come about. We’ve mentioned previously in the article how serious the repercussions of neglecting to identify or fix earth leakages can be.

Power Parameters have onboarded a team of experienced technicians who are highly responsive to our customer’s needs and are equipped to answer any of your questions regarding how does an earth leakage tester work. Our team are trained with the highest level of expertise and are prepared to help you understand the issues faced by residential and commercial customers who are experiencing earth leaks. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more details.